Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Monitoring and Remote Power Supply

Energy3 Services has extensive experience with a variety of different tit up masts, a variety of instruments, and a variety of communication technologies. This experience gives us confidence to tackle any mast and or instrument installation, inspection, maintenance or monitoring program.

  • Tilt up masts up to 80m
  • Cup, 2D, 3D anemometers, wind vanes, temperature / pressure sensors
  • Cell phone, radio and satellite communications

Our monitoring software has been designed to remotely register when any instrument is not functioning correctly; alerting developers to the need for maintenance to protect site data acquisition and integrity. Energy3 personnel are equally well equipped to inspect and maintain masts and instruments under preventative maintenance schedules (generally recommended at 6 monthly intervals) or for more urgent repairs.

Energy 3 Mockup Table

Remote Power Supply

Energy3 has also designed, constructed and operates remote power supplies for Lidar systems. These power packs must be capable of delivering significant power levels consistently to the Lidar Unit as well as the selected communication system. Additional consideration must be given to deployment logistics if these systems are to be used in rough terrain.

Sample As Built Documentation - 80m NRG Mast (PDF)

E3 Mast and Instrument Inspection Report (PDF)

E3 Safety Policy (PDF)

Sample Wind Data Analysis & Verification Report (PDF)

Remote Power Pack for LIdar (PDF)

White Paper - Wind Data Analysis & Verification Report - 31 May 2010 (PDF)