Other Energy3 Wind Farms and Projects

Energy3 has built a portfolio of development projects which is actively manages by taking the most attractive projects through to consenting and finally construction (such as Southbridge and Weld Cone)

The projects currently in the pipeline are:

Project Name Wind Farm Capacity (MW) Number of Turbines Status
Lulworth 1 4 Landowner agreement signed, Resource consent granted.
Marlbrough Project 2 4 Landowner agreement signed. Wind, network, noise, and visual assessment completed.
Southland Project 2 4 Landowner agreement signed, Wind, Network, noise and visual assessments completed.
Canterbury Project Up to 10 Up to 10 Landowner agreement signed. Wind assessment being undertaken
Others Up to 20 Up to 20 Energy3 has a number of other sites across the South Island under consideration for resource assessment with the landowners.

How to Register Your Interest

Energy3 Limited is interested in developing Distributed Wind Farms in partnership with landowners.

Distributed Wind Farms are characterised by being relatively small (0.5-5MW) and connected into the local lines distribution network (as opposed to Transpower)

Typically, we will:

  • Identify an area with good quality wind resources, close to existing local electricity lines with good access
  • Approach the landowner to investigate whether they are interested in a small scale wind farm development
  • Sign a letter of intent which gives Energy3 the exclusive right to undertake further development work on the property for a 3 year period while protecting the landowners interests

Energy3 makes provision in its arrangements with landowners to involve them in the development if they wish as an equity owner alongside Energy3.

Energy3 offers an initial free evaluation of the suitability of potential sites for wind farm development.

If you have a site which you believe is suitable for Distributed Wind Farm Development, or you would like to develop your own Distributed Wind farm, the please contact:

Thomas Cameron

Matt Buchan

Warren McNabb